Fuck Yeah Joe Gilgun
There is a British actor named Joseph Gilgun.
He is awesome.
This is a blog dedicated to his awesomeness.


Run by Emily.

Anonymous said: Why the fuck was there only one episode with Rudy 3??? :(

Ugh, ikr.

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Those guys want to be like you, what do they have to do? (x)

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swissbeauty said: I had the best sex dream about Joe the other night. It was amazing and I thought you should know.

Signal boost.

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Drafted magazine issue 7 ➙

Tumblr user mrsrory has been very lovely and set me a link to the Drafted Magazine issue with all the Misfits boys, so you should probably go to her blog and thank her.

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Anonymous said: Joes dick size?

The size of my arm.

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