Fuck Yeah Joe Gilgun
There is a British actor named Joseph Gilgun.
He is awesome.
This is a blog dedicated to his awesomeness.


Run by Emily.

soldona asked: Do you know if Joe has a twitter or instagram or anything?

Nope, but there are a couple of fake twitters floating around with a surprising amount of followers.

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15 Caps Per Episode; Rudy 3x04 

15 Caps Per Episode; Rudy 3x04 

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Everyone should go thank Anthony Errington on Twitter. He’s played Joe’s Rudy body double for the past 3 series and he’s a sweetheart and a truly talented, hard-working dude. I felt like crying when I read these today ;_;

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Anonymous asked: Be as you wish to be. If Rudy and Woody live by this mantra, why should i not?

I think it’s “Be as you wish to seem” though.

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Apologies for the fact that I’ve been M.I.A. for a while, university is a bitch.

This is  just a quick PSA to say that I’m not Joe Gilgun. I’ve had a few messages now which are obviously meant for Mr. Gilgun, and although I was initially delighted at being complimented on my many talents (I am quite good at making collages) my heart sunk when they began complimenting my “Northern accent” and “amazing tattoos” (I’m Welsh and only have one tattoo.) Still, it wasn’t until I began receiving compliments on my amazing performance in Ripper St. that I realised that the praise probably wasn’t intended for me.

So yeah. I’m not Joe Gilgun. Just an obsessed fan with not enough time on her hands at present.

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So Misfits S5 will be the last one


And that’s a sad time for Misfits fans. Very sad coming alongside the end of Being Human as well. In both shows the new cast were just bedding in. However, I do hope we’re given an amazing final series followed by a fantastic film to send those delinquents out with a bang.

For any sad Joe Gilgun fans, I did come across some news about him today and I’ve not seen it on Tumblr yet. He will be starring in a new half hour drama called “Henry” as part of this series of Coming Up to air this summer.  

Karen loves her two year old son, Henry, but feels that he could be better off without her. Under huge pressure she makes a momentous decision. But an act of kindness from a stranger offers her hope for the future.
Writer: John Donnelly
Director: Michael Pearce
Starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, (The Iron Lady), Joe Gilgun (This is England)

Follow the link for more info: http://www.televisual.com/news-detail/C4-announces-new-writerdirector-talent-for-Coming-Up-season_nid-2664.html

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever been able to find Top of the range online anywhere? I really want to watch it but can't seem to find it anywhere :(

Not in full I’m afraid, just bits and bobs on Vimeo.

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